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I believe the correct expression is OMG

So I was just in my local Tesco picking up some bits for lunch on my way home from uni. While I was paying, I managed to catapult a number of coins about the place and so held up the queue for a few moments picking them up. As I was walking away, the lady who’d been paying at the till next to me spotted something she thought was a coin, and called out to me.

"Hang on, is this yours?" she said, trying to pick whatever it was up - evidently not a coin, for she then said "oh no, it isn’t."

At this point I turned to look at her, and I realized,


I already knew she lived in my part of London, as I’d seen her about the place a few times, but never at a moment when it would have been appropriate to approach her. This was my moment! As she was leaving I stopped her and said hello and that I was a big fan. SHE WAS LOVELINESS ITSELF. She shook my hand and told me that it was lovely to meet me and that SHE had seen ME around and about. We chatted about Doctor Who, she doesn’t watch it any more but she thought Matt and Jenna were brilliant, and we wondered who might replace Jenna should she really be leaving.

"Maybe it’ll be me!" I joked in my bedazzled state.

"Oh well, if you do, I’ll come back too! We’ll have a laugh!"

Before she went her way she asked my name and said “we’re mates now!” and that it was lovely to see me. I realized afterwards that I had spoken to her as though she had only ever been in Doctor Who, when of course she’s done many brilliant things, but she was completely gracious about it.

What an amazing, warm-hearted, friendly, generous woman!

Twelfth Doctor books!

Twelfth Doctor Books

These look quite exciting. Capaldi Time in literary form!


A week crowded with incident

It's a bit of a busy time at Goodly Sin Central and I can't see that stopping soon. This past week has been a bit of an adventure, including:

1. Severe abdominal pains leading to a trip to A&E where kidney stones were suspected
2. A very very anxious participant who took three hours to do tests which should take one - luckily I was too dosed up on painkillers to care
3. An extremely bruised and swollen right hand where a cannula had been inexpertly inserted at the hospital
4. Much typing despite ailing hand, as the deadline for my upgrade report's introduction was yesterday

Glad that's all over, though busy times do not end here. This weekend promises to be a frenzy of tidying, as my Dad arrives in London on Monday. He's not staying at my flat as there's no space, but he'll be spending a fair bit of time here during the days, and I don't want him to think I live in a permanent state of chaos. So, off I go to clean all the things.

Oh yes, and 'Asylum of the Daleks' was AMAZING. Bring on the Dinosaurs!

Doctor Who day!

Time to celebrate, for today is the best day of the year! I have pizza, wine and chocolate at the ready. Bring on 7.20pm :)

Let's get physical

Well. Two weeks of being bombarded with images of super-fit scantily clad women whose stomachs you could do your ironing on has had an effect on me, and these last two days I have actually Done Some Exercise! Okay, so it was only 20 minutes of Wii Zumba and a few dumbbell exercises, but it's better than nothing. I gained some weight last year whilst on anti-depressants, and my GP has given me the Glower Of Mild Disapproval as I'm just over the maximum healthy BMI. So I'd better make a bit of an effort. And who knows? If "Middle-Aged Zumba" is included in the next Olympics, I'm in!

The Closing Ceremony was very silly. There were some fab bits - Pet Shop Boys are of course the greatest pop group ever, 'Waterloo Sunset' got me all teary, and Eric Idle swore for the nation. Oh and Take That were marvellous. But why did they repeat the same songs over and over? And why did George Michael and Annie Lennox sing dull songs? And who let Ed Sheeran anywhere near a guitar and a microphone?

I had been a bit confused by the ads for the Paralympics saying to tune in to Radio Five Live, thinking it wasn't to be televised, but apparently it'll be on Channel 4. I'm not much of a watcher of the commercial channels, so I don't know what to expect, but I hope they do a good job. I'm just glad there's still more Olympics to come! Which is really, really, not something I would have thought I'd ever say a couple of weeks ago.

Olympics & Doctor Who things

I just watched most of the Rhythmic Gymnastics final. Good lord, those women are amazing. All the grace and elegance of a ballet dancer with the strength and agility of an acrobat. The final section, with the ribbon routines, was completely mesmerizing. Why must we suffer football on telly all year round, but for a sport as beautiful as this we have to wait four years?

Lots of Doctor Who news of late. Fantastically, it looks as though Matt Smith will remain at least until 2014. This makes me very happy indeed, as I was afraid a regeneration would be part of the 50th anniversary year.

Also in 50th anniversary news, we're told that there will be no appearance of Rose Tyler. This is very good news if true. Her character dominated RTD's time, and her story is well and truly played out. Let's have some time for other companions to shine now.

And, excitingly, Mark Gatiss is writing a drama about the beginnings of Doctor Who. I can't wait for this. I know his Doctor Who episodes have not always been brilliant, but I do think he's otherwise a great writer with a genuine love for the show, so I have high hopes.

Also, we'll apparently find out the airdate for Series 7 within the next week! Exciting times ahead :)

Fic: Starry Night

Title: Starry Night
Author: goodly sin
Rating: G
Spoilers: Vincent and the Doctor
Characters: Eleven, Amy, Vincent Van Gogh
Word Count: 279
A/N: Written for the who_contest drabble challenge #15 - Star
Summary: Amy's thoughts as she lies on the grass with her two friends.

Starry NightCollapse )

Friday things

Well, after a week of faffing about a bit with journal articles but not really writing very much, today I got my whole Methods section written! Well, as much as I can write, having only tested one participant so far. Finally I feel a bit productive. I've just spoken to my supervisor who has informed me that public transport has in fact been quieter than usual due to everyone being like me and staying home for the Olympic period. So I'm going to brave the tube on Tuesday and head in to UCL to meet with her.

I'm not overly bothered about the Olympics, but after all the build up for so many years, it's really nice to see that it's actually going quite well. Not to mention having the best opening ceremony EVER. I caught the men's sprint cycling final last night won by team GB, and it was hard not to get caught up in the celebratory atmosphere.

This week I have been knitting! I dragged out a scarf I started last year and have been having fab evenings knitting away and watching classic Doctor Who. I am very much a beginner knitter - the most complicated thing I can do is a ribbed scarf - but I've found some nice geeky dishcloth patterns online which seem reasonably straightforward. I am going to have a go at this one. I also peered warily in my drawer full of half-finished cross-stitch projects, and may have a go at finishing them at some point. 

Now I'm off to watch the Doctor Who trailer another 12 times or so.

An NHS post

I have an idea for a Doctor Who fic with Martha and Mickey working undercover in a hospital. So I googled 'SpR' to make sure I have the job description correct. And I discovered that there's this thing called 'Modernising Medical Careers' which means that there are no more SHOs and SpRs, and instead there are Foundation Doctors and StRs. And this programme came in in 2005! I worked in the NHS until September last year, and still have strong links to it, and I have never heard of this. Clearly I was not paying very much attention.

NHS people on my flist, has this come into effect where you work? Do you have StRs instead of SpRs?

Fandom makes you learn new things!