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I believe the correct expression is OMG

So I was just in my local Tesco picking up some bits for lunch on my way home from uni. While I was paying, I managed to catapult a number of coins about the place and so held up the queue for a few moments picking them up. As I was walking away, the lady who’d been paying at the till next to me spotted something she thought was a coin, and called out to me.

"Hang on, is this yours?" she said, trying to pick whatever it was up - evidently not a coin, for she then said "oh no, it isn’t."

At this point I turned to look at her, and I realized,


I already knew she lived in my part of London, as I’d seen her about the place a few times, but never at a moment when it would have been appropriate to approach her. This was my moment! As she was leaving I stopped her and said hello and that I was a big fan. SHE WAS LOVELINESS ITSELF. She shook my hand and told me that it was lovely to meet me and that SHE had seen ME around and about. We chatted about Doctor Who, she doesn’t watch it any more but she thought Matt and Jenna were brilliant, and we wondered who might replace Jenna should she really be leaving.

"Maybe it’ll be me!" I joked in my bedazzled state.

"Oh well, if you do, I’ll come back too! We’ll have a laugh!"

Before she went her way she asked my name and said “we’re mates now!” and that it was lovely to see me. I realized afterwards that I had spoken to her as though she had only ever been in Doctor Who, when of course she’s done many brilliant things, but she was completely gracious about it.

What an amazing, warm-hearted, friendly, generous woman!


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